Microneedling & Platelet Rich Plasma

Our bodies naturally produce stem cells that help us heal by stimulating the growth of collagen, as well as blood vessels that deliver oxygen to bodily tissues. Platelets and growth factors found in the blood stimulate stem cells, and platelet-rich plasma contains three to five times as many of these substances as normal blood.

This means that we can draw a couple tubes of your blood, spin it down via centrifuge, and harvest out those precious cells in a highly condensed plasma (platelet rich plasma). The PRP is then painted onto your face, neck, or decollete and microneedled over to superficially inject it into your epidermis to help stimulate collagen. This treatment is great for improving pore size, skin texture, and skin tone.*¹

PRP can also being injected via needle into the dermis to stimulate collagen regrowth even more, heal acne scars, and lift fine lines.

Microneedling is a treatment that superficially damages the epidermis deep enough to stimulate collagen formation, which can lead to improved skin texture, pores that look smaller, diminished fine lines, and improvement of acne scarring.*

Microneedling with PRP $400
package of 4 $1200

Microneedling without PRP $200
package of 4 $600

Microneedling with PRP and deep dermal PRP injections $600
package of 4 $1800

Microneedling on Facial Membership $99


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