Whole Body Cryotherapy


Grace Medical Aesthetics is the first in the state to offer Whole Body Cryotherapy! Utilize the healing properties of cold therapy to decrease pain and inflammation, decrease workout recovery time, increase your energy, and boost metabolism.

Utilize the healing properties of cold therapy to decrease pain, decrease inflammation, increase energy, boost your metabolism, and shorten workout recovery time!

Cryotherapy FAQ’S

What are the benefits?

Cold therapy is utilized for a decrease in chronic or acute inflammation, to shorten workout recovery time, increase in energy, and a boost in your metabolism. Up to 800 calories can be burned in one session!

How cold is it?

200 to 240 degrees below zero!

How long is a session?

Only 3 minutes, and we talk you through the entire time so it goes by quickly.
Is it harmful?

Am I going to freeze?

The cryotherapy machine is equipped with top safety features and is monitored by a medical care professional at all times. You are never in the machine alone. Your head is above the nitrogen gas at all times so that there is not a chance of inhaling it. You won’t freeze! The nitrogen gas freezes the air around you and the surfaces it touches (your skin). Your core body temperature never actually drops, but your “fight or flight” sensors are tricked into thinking that it has.
What do I do before and after my appointment?

Whatever you’d like! Cryotherapy is great pre or post workout, depending what benefits you are looking to reap. Prior to a workout, cryotherapy will boost your energy levels. After a workout, the cold will help to begin the healing process of your muscles and help with any soreness.

Cryotherapy Costs


Whole body cryo session: a la carte $55


Whole body cryo session: package of 3 – $150


Whole body cryo session: package of 5 – $200
Whole body cryo session: package of 50 – $1500


Monthly Membership: $160

Unlimited Monthly: $350

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*Although cryotherapy at Grace Medical is medically supervised, these statements have
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or prevent disease. Consult your physician before beginning any cryotherapy program.